Animal Habitats

Nazinga Game Ranch

In 1979, two Canadian brothers Robert and Clark, established the Nazinga Game Ranch. Nazinga Game Ranch in the Southern Burkina Faso, measures 940km2 with over 20000 wild animals roaming within its borders. The brothers’ interest was to protect the wild animals from the harsh dry weather condition in Burkina Faso mostly in the unsettled areas.


They hired local poachers as game keepers in order to give them an incentive to protect it, established a fishing management program, and invited biologists from several countries to help them carry out wildlife and ecological studies. They also reintroduced native wildlife species which had been eradicated from the region.

In 1990, some corrupt government officials spread the rumor that the brothers were revolutionaries and were planning to overthrow the sitting government. Burkina Faso was then known of its political instability. The brothers were forcefully moved to the capital Ouagadougou and the project was officially taken over by the National Management under the National Government. The interest of international development funders wanted to get behind the project since the healthy cash flow were too much to resist.


More than 800 elephants live in the ranch. Other herbivores that are found in the ranch include buffalos, warthogs, several species of antelopes, zebras, waterbucks, reedbucks among others.

It is also hosts a variety of carnivores such as hyenas, leopards, black backed jackals among others. It is home to several species of primates, crocodiles and over 275 species of birds which include hornbills, herons, hawks, marabou stocks among others.

During the height of the dry season, a spectacular elephants bathing show is assured at around noon when water elsewhere is hard to come by. Elephants bath in the water to cool their bodies from the unforgiving, scorching African sun.

elephants bathing.jpg

A variety of wild animals gather at the water point to quench their thirst. Tourists simply need to turn up at the lakeside camps to have a glimpse of this spectacle.




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